Quality Management – A Central Pillar of Fannon Group

At Fannon Group, we all recognise the need for robust quality driven procedures that enable us to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We believe in the value that a Quality Management System adds to the business, from the assessment of risks to our Company through to delivering the highest standard of service and product possible. Fannon Group has made Quality Management one of the central pillars of our business activity and we believe that without achieving excellence in the delivery of Quality we cannot hope to achieve our commercial goals.

Active with Quality Management

As a Company, we use a UKAS approved ISO 9001:2015 Quality framework to assist us in delivering the best possible outcomes for the delivery of our products and services. It involves the participation of all our staff and the procedures will evolve and react to ongoing regulatory and desired improvements and requirements within our industry. We believe by using a well-tested, dynamic, process-driven approach to all our business activities, including our management systems, we will provide an industry leading product for our client partners.

We fully engage with our team of professionals and ensure they understand their role within the Quality process and receive all the training and resources required to achieve best practice within our industry. Fannon Group uses Suppliers and Contractors that have the same approach to Quality in their business as we do ourselves. They are monitored to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We demonstrate our commitment to the continual improvement of our Quality Management Systems by monitoring and reviewing all of our processes so that we consistently meet the highest of industry standards.